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Resto named after ‘golden age’ in Chinese history

The rabbit is the Chinese zodiac animal for 2023.

According to the Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2023, the year of the Rabbit will be a good one. Things will finally start to fall into place after a two-year period of struggles and hardship and life will take a positive turn.

Well, we shall see.

But one Brussels restaurant already has its plans in place to help mark the Year of the Rabbit.

Tang Dynasty will, from next week, introduce a range of special menus specially crafted to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

That begins officially on 21 January but the restaurant’s  new offerings will be available much earlier, from 4 January (until 5 February).

Guests will be spoilt for choice with no less than six different menus to select.

There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a couple or large group: two buffets (priced €55pp and €65pp) consisting of soup, cold starter and mains; two menus  (an 8-course option priced €88pp and 9-courses at €108pp), plus what is called a “family style” menu (11 courses for 5-6 people at €588pp and 13 courses for 7-12 people priced €1,080pp).

If the choice of these is particularly impressive and large so too are the actual settings where you might want to eat because the restaurant also includes 5 private rooms for people who may want that little bit of extra privacy (or space) when dining.

Each of the rooms – all available for rental – are named after a Chinese dynasty and are arranged in chronological order according to r the timeline of that particular dynasty.

The biggest is called Quing, which can seat up to 20 people and comes complete with its own rest room and small lounge. Others are called Song (for up to 7 people), Yuan (4-6), Tang (the 2nd biggest, seating 10-12 people and with a revolving table which is ideal for a traditional Chinese banquet) and Ming (the smallest).

The restaurant area itself can seat up to 70 people and is very tastefully decorated and furnished. Unlike a lot of restaurants here the tables are nicely separated, allowing for some privacy and quiet while eating.

Most of the furnishings, such as the chairs, and decorations have been imported direct from China, lending an air of real authenticity to the whole place.

Currently, there is also a very nice offering of dim sum, that great Chinese tradition. Jasmine tea is usually served with the food, partly to aid digestion.

The very tasty (and generously-sized) food is equally authentic and all carefully prepared by the skilled Wang, the head chef who hails from Shanghai, and Liu, his sous chef.

If the culinary offering is top notch so too is the service by people like the very friendly Ying Li who hails from China but has lived in Belgium for nearly two decades.

She very helpfully explains the restaurant and its history and guides one through the very sizeable food offerings, including the aforementioned Chinese New Year specials.

It is worth noting too that the restaurant is part of the Tangla Hotel which itself has a rather fascinating story to tell.

This is not your typical Brussels hotel but something rather different, not least as it serves a highly useful “social” purpose.

The hotel, which has over 100 guest rooms and has become a mainstay on the Brussels accommodation map, is located right next to the renowned Saint-Luc Hospital (UCLouvain) and some of its regular guests stay at the hotel so they can be close to loved ones who are patients at the hospital.

Families of students at the nearby university also regularly stay over while visiting their kids.

The hotel is also located very close to Brussels airport making it an ideal stopover place for travellers.

Of course, tourists and business people are also among the clients.

The nicely-lit restaurant itself attracts a mix of hotel guests and people from “outside”, some of whom travel some distance to sample its lovely cuisine.

Also worth noting that the hotel has another restaurant, called Le Cinq which specialises more in European cuisine and also sushi.

The Tang Dynasty is considered a golden age of Chinese arts and culture and if you are looking for ideas on how to mark the New Year, one thing is for sure: the delicious Chinese food served at Tang Dynasty will not disappoint.

Tang Dynasty
Avenue E. Mounier 5,Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
Tel. +32 (0)2 345 6789
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