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Published on November 29th, 2021 | by Brussels In View


Families and food combine well at one Brussels resto

We all know of places, restaurants included, that claim to be “child friendly”. They promote themselves as being attractive to people with families but the reality often falls short of the hype.

Well, there is one place on the outskirts of Brussels that is actually doing something positive about making life that bit easier for folk with kids.

It is called Mezon, a restaurant, and its owners have gone the extra mile to ensure it really is “child friendly.”

They have installed and introduced numerous things that, basically, just make the place more welcoming if you have youngsters in tow.

But the slight current problem – and this is ironic – is that they have fallen “victim” to their own good intentions.

People have, it seems, mistaken the resto just as a place for kids and families when, in fact, it is not just for such groups but for everyone, of course.

That is why the owners want to convey the message that Mezon welcomes everyone, be their families, couples or singles.

The current public perception of this new place – it opened only in July – is a bit unfortunate because the owner, Mumbai-born Mehul Vesvitar, deserves credit for trying to do his bit for those who are deterred from eating out because they feel they won’t be welcomed if they take young kids with them.

His solution has been, for example, to provide a dedicated room, adjacent to the eating area, where the kids – of any age – can go an enjoy themselves to their heart’s content while mum and dad enjoy a much-deserved meal.

The room is packed with children’s books, toys and all manner of things to keep the little ones entertained and occupied.

A kids’ entertainer is even employed on certain days (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm) to play with the kids in the playroom.

“We want parents to be able to come and enjoy good quality food but for their children to be entertained as well,” explained Mehul who launched the resto with his business partner Jaskaran Sandhu.

Even the décor and furnishings have been kept nice and simple (and uncluttered) so as to “appeal” to families.

It is also noting that the resto is flying the flag for the environment by, for instance, providing napkins that can be recycled, ensuring that no plastic bottles are used, and using only purified tap water.

It is all very impressive but, right now, there is a definite issue it faces with the perception that it is only a restaurant for kids with families.

“Not true”, proclaims Mehul.

“We are set up, of course, for families but we also want to welcome everyone else, including couples,” he says.

Sundays are invariably fully booked (with lots of families) but some of the other midweek days it is open can be quiet and that is something the owners want to address.

It would be a great shame if the message does not get through to locals because the food here is very nice indeed, the work of a talented chef, Olivier Destribois, who hails from the Basque country and has worked at a number of leading restaurants.

His food, like the décor, is kept deliberately simple  and “unfancy” but it is very tasty and appetising all the same.

There is a menu to choose from or you can go for a fixed price option. Either way you are unlikely to be disappointed. There is also a great selection of drinks, be they soft drinks, beers or wines.

Mehul himself has a fascinating back story. He came to Belgium to study chemical engineering and then stayed at Gent University to work as a researcher in waste water treatment.

 He’s always had a passion for food and cooking and, one day, the wife of his business associate, came up with the idea of opening a restaurant.

“After 18 months of thinking about it,” he recalls, “we decided to take the plunge and launch this place.”

The premises they now occupy in St Job had been several different types of eating places over the years and the team totally gutted the place to turn it into the pleasant space it is today.

Mehul will occasionally do a spot of cooking himself and also hope his personality and character is reflected in some way in the dishes created by Olivier.

So, if you have kids and want – or need – to take them with you when you eat out then this is the place for you.

But, remember, Mezon is also great for anyone, regardless of whether you have kids or not!

388 Chaussee Saint-Job, Uccle
T. +32 (0)2 380 7907

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