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Published on July 24th, 2019 | by James Drew


Ghent in Motion

The city of Ghent has a new “must” visit attraction – Ghent in Motion, an exciting audio-visual experience, writes Martin Banks.

It is located in one of the city’s oldest cellars, dating from the 13th century where visitors are immersed in the rich history of this Fine Flemish city.  Here, visitors can experience the “hidden pearl of Flanders” and all its facets.

In less than half an hour the public can discover all the treasures of this contemporary city in a medieval setting. 

Ghent in Motion, as the project is called, represents the result of 7 years of intense filming with the most advanced cameras and drones.

The attraction is described as the “best, most epic story ever” about the fantastic city of Ghent and its inhabitants.

Ghent in Motion is located in The Hoogpoort, in the centre of the city close to the town hall. The Hoogpoort is one of the very first stone streets of Ghent, where some facades and basements of the original stone houses have been preserved.

The cellar of Ghent in Motion is one of the first cellars in the city and dates from the 13th century. Butter and cheese were originally stored here, but especially beer. Water was too polluted to drink and to meet the high demand beer was stored in the cellars. The cellars also served as a prison, dungeon or hideout.

Today, the cellar makes a dream location for an enchanting trip through the history of Ghent.

The multimedia setup of Ghent in Motion emphasizes a high experience value and makes it accessible to everyone.

The 25-minute audio-visual presentation shows the city from different angles including from the air.

Over several years, Ghent in Motion has made several videos of the city with  the use of drones.The cameras flew over the city for 30 days and the result is a breath taking portrait of Ghent and a perfect tribute to its medieval architecture and many contemporary buildings.

The unique history of Ghent does, in fact, extend over almost 14 centuries, an extraordinary story with ups and downs, of moats and beguinages, emperors and slingbearers, crafts and industries.

The hidden treasures of the city are also presented as part of Ghent in Motion. Some are hidden in a network of underground passages, other behind innumerable doors.

Michel Blanckaert, producer of Ghent in Motion, told this website: “We have seen and filmed the city from different angles for the past 7 years. With Ghent in Motion we want to create an audiovisual experience with documentary and artistic value, something of National Geographic level I dare say, because everything was officially checked and assessed on historical value.”

Ghent in Motion
Hoogpoort 57
9000 Ghent

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