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Brunches in Brussels

It has become THE trend over the last few years: enjoying a delicious weekend brunch!

The Brussels brunch scene is particularly rich, diverse and good value for money. Whether it’s for a healthy brunch with friends, a relaxing moment with your family or an exceptional meal, there’s something for everyone!

It’s difficult to pick where to brunch with such a diverse and constantly changing offer, so here is a(n) (incomplete) list of the some of the current best places to go.

  • Brunches as a family

    • Le Balmoral Milk Bar 

    A classic Brussels brunch location, le Balmoral welcomes parents and children in a vintage decor with a menu that takes you to the wide open spaces of North America. Place Georges Brugmann 21, 1050 BRU- When? Saturday & Sunday

    • The Brasserie du Prince d’Orange

    Aside from its brunch, this Uccle institution has the advantage of offering games and a playground for your children, meaning everyone can fully enjoy their relaxing Sunday outing. When? Sunday

    • La Fabricca

    In the sumptuous setting of Tour & Taxis’ Royal Depot, La Fabricca takes special care of your children offering them entertainment for all ages and their very own brunch menu. Avenue du Port 86c, 1000 BRU – When? Sunday

    • Le Garage à Manger

    The kitchen at Garage à Manger serves up brunch every weekend. An all you can eat sweet and savoury buffet, seasonal produce and… a lot of love and care! Children welcome. When? Saturday & Sunday

    • La Tricoterie

    La Tricoterie has a room called the salle des Arches, which houses the Mini-Tricoteurs – an activity specifically aimed at children. Rue Théodore Verhaegen 158,  1060 BRU – When? Sunday (from September to April)

    • Le Wolf

    Wolf, the Cantine du Chaperon will delight your budding gastronomes with a wolf’s brunch, dragon’s milk and even gnome juice. Rue de la Violette 20, 1000 BRU – When? Saturday & Sunday

    Other addresses :

    • Cook & Book – Place du Temps Libre 1, 1200 BRU – – When? Sunday
  • World Food brunches

    • Gazzetta

    Gazzetta is a wonderful Italian deli that is also open on Sunday mornings only a stone’s throw from the busy avenue Louise. Rue de la Longue Haie 12, 1050 BRU – When? Sunday

    • God Save The Cream

    Multiple culinary influences infuse dishes from God Save The Cream. They are always prepared with care and fresh slow food ingredients. Rue de Stassart 131, 1050 BRU – When? Saturday

    • Jam Hotel

    At Jam Hotel the brunch mirrors the rest of the menu concocted by the Vini Divini’s Italian chef: delicious preparations with distinct Italian flavours. Chaussée de Charleroi 132, 1060 BRU – When? Sunday

    • Les Larmes du Tigre

    Les Larmes du Tigre is a veritable institution, which has been offering fine Thai cuisine for more than 30 years, offers a warm buffet every Sunday lunchtime. Rue de Wynants 21, 1000 BRU – When? Sunday

    • Mont Liban

    Mont Liban is a well-known name in Brussels and they describe their Sunday brunch as gargantuan! When? Sunday

    Other addresses : 

    • Beli – Rue Joseph Stevens 11, 1000 BRU – – When? Sunday
    • L’Oriento – Ch. de Wavre 341, 1040 BRU / Ch. de Wavre 1735,  1160 BRU – – When? Sunday
  • A chic brunch

    • The Avenue by Barsey

    The Hotel Barsey’s restaurant honours the tradition of hotel brunches under the supervision of talented chef Gaëtan Colin. When? Sunday

    • Café Wiltcher’s

    Perhaps the best, certainly the most chic of all the brunches in Brussels. At Café Wiltcher’s it’s all about refinement and subtle pleasures. A must! Avenue Louise 71, 1000 BRU – When? Sunday

    • Crystal Lounge

    The delightfully chic Crystal Lounge at Hotel Sofitel Louise offers a divine brunch that you can enjoy in peace and quiet, while activity leaders look after your children. When? Sunday

    • La Fabrique en Ville

    The younger sister of La Fabrique in the Châtelain neighbourhood of Ixelles, la Fabrique en Ville is located right in the middle of the charming Egmont Park. A green cocoon in the heart of the city, that’s perfect for a refreshing buffet brunch. Egmont Park, Boulevard de Waterloo 44, 1000 BRU – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Hôtels Thon / Stanhope

    Among all the hotel breakfasts, that are often very competitive, the Thon and Stanhope hotels stand out thanks to their gigantic portions served for half-price on weekends. A special mention goes to the Thon EU, where you can devour minute waffles and pancakes, savour Gerbaud chocolate and enjoy the infinite details that make all the difference. 

    • Thon Hotel City Centre, Avenue du Boulevard 17, 1210 BRU
    • Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Avenue Louise 91 – 93, 1050 BRU
    • Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 BRU
    • Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 BRU

    When? Saturday & Sunday

    Other addresses: 

    • Le Louis XV – Avenue Wolvendael 44, 1180 BRU – – When? Sunday
    • Odette en Ville – Rue du Châtelain 2, 1050 BRU – – When? Sunday
  • A trendy brunch

    • Le Canard Sauvage

    A bistro, canteen, flea market and bakery all rolled into one, the Canard Sauvage is first and foremost a convivial and no frills venue where your children will be just as comfortable as you. When? Sunday

    • Chicago Café

    Whether you are a vegetarian, a meat lover, or a fan of fish, there is something for everyone at the Chicago Café, where they serve little dishes that perfectly reflect the culinary diversity of the city. Rue de Flandre 45, 1000 BRU – – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Chyl

    Chyl is, above all, about healthy, sustainable and gourmet food. You can enjoy their concoctions either in the shop or for brunch. Rue Belle Vue 62, 1000 BRU – – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Les Filles

    At Les Filles, you can enjoy brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays in their two Brussels locations. The whole experience takes place as per the establishment’s tradition: large communal tables and the exclusive use of products that are organic, farm-sourced or artisanal. When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Fourchette à Bicyclette

    Brunch at Fourchette à Bicyclette is vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free, but of course, that doesn’t mean you’re going without! Another distinctive feature is that you can enjoy your dish either there or at home, courtesy of their bicycle delivery. Rue Longue Vie 46, 1050 BRU – When? Saturday

    • Chez Franz

    This pleasant and convivial bar offers numerous brunches of varying sizes depending on your taste and your appetite. Avenue du Haut Pont 30, 1050 BRU – – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Le Grand Central

    The new beating heart of a vibrant and perpetually changing European quarter, the Grand Central welcomes food lovers every Sunday for a brunch that changes with the seasons. Place Jean Rey 3, 1040 BRU – When? Sunday

    • The Little Green Shop

    The Little Green Shop is unique. It is both a florist and a delightful tearoom/restaurant. Their Sunday brunch is based on a vegetarian menu. Chaussée d’Alsemberg 314, 1190 BRU – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Lulu Home Interior

    A decoration shop unlike any other that has its own warm and welcoming café where the chef awaits you for brunch every weekend. Rue du Page 101, 1050 BRU – – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Les Trouvailles de Louise

    A delightful bric-a-brac that is a tea room, deli and small restaurant all rolled into one, Les Trouvailles de Louise will charm you with their homely brunches. Rue Josaphat 290, 1030 BRU – When? Saturday & Sunday

    • Wabi

    This pleasant neo-canteen serves a vegetarian brunch every Saturday accompanied, of course, by the famous Wabi flatbread which gave the establishment its reputation. Rue Antoine Labarre 49, 1050 BRU – – When? Saturday

    • Yéti

    This canteen that’s in tune with the times is famous for its naan bread, its little Oriental dishes and its brunches made with fresh, healthy and seasonal produce. Rue de Bon Secours 4, 1000 BRU – When? Sunday

    Other addresses : 

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